A Shark Feeding Frenzy Was Just Spotted On North Myrtle Beach


Yesterday a family was enjoying some beach time in South Carolina when they spotted one of the most terrifying possible sights for beach-goers – massive sharks swimming close to shore.

Tara Savedge was watching her son and nephew skimboard on the water when she spotted something strange in the water – sharks and small fish jumping and diving among the waves in what appeared to be a violent feeding frenzy.

Tara posted the image yesterday with the caption;

“Who wants to see some sharks this morning?”

Tara and her family spotted the sharks in North Myrtle Beach near the intersection of 53 Avenue North and North Ocean Blvd;

Shark sightings have been on the rise all along the Carolina coast this summer, and some of the largest tagged great white sharks in the Atlantic are being monitored close to our shorelines.

If you plan on swimming near any North or South Carolina beaches, experts recommend taking extra precautions, including removing all shiny jewelry, wearing magnetic shark repellents, and avoiding colorful swimsuits.

Your risk will also increase if you swim at dusk or in the early hours of the night.