Student Escorted Out of Uptown Charlotte Starbucks by Security Guards (Video)


A Northeastern University student, attending Charlotte’s Uptown campus, was escorted out of Starbucks by the building’s security guards after being asked to leave by the shift manager.

“Why are you asking me to leave Starbucks, a public place?” asked Cook in his cell phone video he recorded.

Cook said he made a purchase earlier in the day and then returned a few hours later to finish up some studying when he was approached by a security guard, telling him to leave, because he didn’t make a new purchase on his second visit.

Here is the video he recorded with his cell phone of the altercation;

Cook is hoping that by sharing his video and his story, it will give another reason and way that Starbucks can work to change their culture. He hopes that store employees can learn better ways to deal with people instead of just asking them to leave the property.

“Stop. Stop the racial profiling, the racial discrimination that’s happening within your organization, within your company,” said Cook.

Starbucks has been taking heat after a video of two black men being arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks store started going viral.

The CEO of Starbucks has now decided to close 8,000 stores across the country this month to retrain their employees about racism and race bias.

What do you think about the recent events at Starbucks?

Have you ever been asked to leave?