LeBron James’ Pizza Chain Opening A New Location in Gastonia


One of the fastest growing pizza chains in America, partially owned by LeBron James, is about to open a new restaurant in Gastonia.

Blaze Pizza just announced plans to open their latest location just west of Charlotte at 401 Cox Road in Gastonia. It will join 3 other locations currently located around the Charlotte area, including 1 on Christenbury Parkway in Concord, and 2 in Charlotte off J.M. Keynes Drive and Camden Road.

LeBron James is the official spokesman of Blaze, owns 2 Blaze franchises in Miami and Chicago, and controls 10% of the entire company as an equity partner.

This past Summer, LeBron was the center piece of a huge new viral marketing campaign where promoted the pizza to people on the street dressed up like an ‘undercover pizza employee’ named ‘Ron’.

Have you ever been to Blaze Pizza? What do you think of it?