Here’s The Story of The Most Famous Vehicle In America #DorianJeep


Yesterday morning, as the wind and rain from Hurricane Dorian began to reach Myrtle Beach, a person was driving their Jeep a little too close to the water and got stuck.

The water and sand slowly buried the tires, the driver fled his vehicle, and an internet sensation was born.

Local residents spotted the jeep and began posting videos and pictures of the stranded vehicle on social media using the hashtag #DorianJeep;

Someone even started an entire Twitter profile for the Jeep;

For several hours, news crews from around the Southeast focused virtually all their attention on the Jeep, offering ridiculous commentary each time the Jeep moved an inch or was gently rocked by the waves;

A member from a Raleigh-based Drum and Pipe band even drove down to Myrtle Beach to give the Jeep a final Amazing Grace serenade as the waters began to recede;

At about 9am this morning, Myrtle Beach police dragged the Jeep off the beach using a backhoe;

According to Myrtle Beach City officials, the Jeep will be sent to an impound lot later this morning.

RIP Dorian Jeep