Gaston County “Reopening” All Businesses and Churches In Defiance of NC Governor’s Order


In a bold move of partisan defiance, Gaston County leaders have just introduced a new order that will openly violate North Carolina’s ‘Stay at Home Order’ by opening up all Gaston County businesses and churches starting today.

In a press conference this morning, Gaston County Commission Chairman Tracy Philbeck said he is about to sign an order that “reopens Gaston County” starting this evening at 5pm.

“We’re letting our folks know, we support them going back to work,” Philbeck said.

The new order is called the “Gaston Promise” and focuses mostly on the North Carolina Constitution in defending its defiance of the North Carolina Governor’s orders.

“We understand that what the Board supports is not in lock step with the Governor’s executive order, but we support putting our citizens back to work and allowing them to worship corporately, both of which are their constitutional rights. In fact, we are reminded by Article I, Section 13 of our North Carolina Constitution, that “all persons have a natural and inalienable right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their own consciences, and no human authority shall, in any case whatever, control or interfere with the rights of conscience.” Worship – whether by oneself or corporately -is an inalienable right of the people.”

Philbeck seems to have drawn his motivation directly from President Trump, echoing the President’s phrase; “The cure cannot be worse than the problem” in a tweet he posted this morning:

As of this morning, Gaston County has 137 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 3 confirmed deaths.

What do you think about Gaston County’s decision to go against the state’s order?