Dozens of Chargers “Takeover” I-77 To Perform Donuts and Burnouts


Over this past weekend, dozens of cars blocked I-77 to do burnouts and donuts in the middle of the street in what’s being called on social media “street takeovers”.

One of the largest incidents seen so far this year took place on Friday night at about 11 pm on I-77 near the Tyvola Road exit. Witnesses say that at least 2 dozen Dodge Chargers flew past cars, then lined up and blocked all southbound traffic.

Yesterday afternoon, CMPD held a press conference to discuss what they will be doing about the increasingly aggressive drivers on Charlotte streets.

“It’s particularly brazen. It’s highly reckless. And it shows a shameless disregard for public safety and for the rules of the road,” says CMPD’s Major Dave Johnson.

What do you think should be done?