Cam Newton Brings Back The Dab


cam-brings-back-the-dabCam Newton made history this past Sunday with his second-quarter touchdown, becoming the first player in the history of the NFL to pass for 20,000 yards and rush for 3,000 yards in the first six seasons.

He’s also now the fifth-youngest quarterback in NFL history to surpass 20,000 yards passing, at just 27 years old.

After his record breaking touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs, Cam reintroduced the dab after officially announcing its retirement over 5 months ago. The legendary quarterback just

The now legendary quarterback commented back in June that he had to “put (the dab) aside” to make room for another on-field dance, hadn’t found many reasons to revive his trademark move in the sluggish first half of Carolina’s season.

Cam’s infamous Dab help launch several viral t-shirt companies in Charlotte, as well as several viral videos (including one by a 95-year-old dabbing granny)