This 95-Year-Old Panther Fan’s Dab On ‘Em Dance Video Went Viral


mary ward 95 year old dab on emMary Ward is considered by many to be the ultimate Panthers Fan. She turned 96 over the summer and has now watched every single game the Panthers have ever played since the team first took the field in 1995.

After her son uploaded the now famous picture of her dab on ’em pose, ESPN put it next to a picture of Cam doing the dab and it quickly went viral.

Charlotte Stories filmed a video of her toward the end of last season (when the Panthers were 12-0) – it’s now been viewed over 73,000 times:

Mary is fairly confident that the Panthers are going to win the Super Bowl, saying that she loves how they “pick the ball up on this end and bring it to that end.”

Her fun-loving attitude and unwavering dedication to the Panthers is now inspiring other Panther fans around the world to dab on ’em, and is undoubtedly attracting others to fall in love with the best team in the NFL.

The shirt she wore in the video above was created by a couple Panther fans and is now sweeping the Carolinas as the “dab on ’em” trend continues to spread. You can now find the shirt on the End Zone Fans Etsy page by clicking here.

The song we used in the video was just released yesterday by Dennis Reed Jr., a local singer/songwriter and hardcore Panther fan.

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