Why Is Casino Affiliate Marketing so Popular in Post-Soviet Countries?


There are countless online casino platforms, but their performance can vary significantly. Typically, the lowest wagering requirements casino tends to gather more users and as a result, these low rollover casinos can perform exceptionally. Quality of service and reliability also play an important role, so tested real money online casino Canada platforms that offer the possibility to play casino games for real money and other online casinos also see a lot of traffic. One of the best ways to prompt casinos is via influencers and affiliate marketing, and this is extremely popular in post-Soviet countries. 

The reasons why in Post-Soviet countries affiliate marketing in the gambling sphere is so popular?

Post-Soviet states that are absolutely teeming with gambling activity are the following:

  • Russia
  • Ukraine 
  • Belarus
  • Georgia
  • Latvia

However, in a lot of post-soviet countries gambling activity is limited to land-based casinos, and finding online gambling platforms is difficult. 

Given how there is a high demand for this type of entertainment, affiliate marketing can be a profitable option for many citizens. As mentioned, popular platforms have an accessible affiliate program, which makes it easy for the users to promote them and get paid. Another important factor is the average income in these countries, it’s on a level where doing affiliate marketing is profitable. So, given the variety of payment models, and the circumstances that can make it work for people involved, affiliate marketing in the gambling sphere is booming.   

Casino games like poker are a popular hobby all around the world, and people love to find a way to profit out of their hobby. Considering how it can be difficult to actually play online, simply vlogging and writing about it while doing marketing services for another online casino is a way to bridge that gap. Moreover, a lot of people find this form of advertising useful, as mentioned online gambling platforms are illegal in a number of these states, so knowing which foreign providers cater to your user group, and have your language on their site, is useful information. 

Finally, Latvia does not have such strict laws, and online casinos are actually popular there. Many game developers and platforms are Latvia-based, so they aim to expand their influence and want to have a quality affiliate program. In other words, it’s a great market for both affiliate marketers and iGaming enthusiasts.