Video of Rattlesnake Swimming Toward Family On North Carolina Lake Now Going Viral


An Instagram video is now blowing up social media after one of the most terrifying moments imaginable was captured on a North Carolina lake – a rattlesnake skimming across the top of the water toward a boating family with nowhere to run.

Earlier this month, Wayne Robbins and his family were enjoying a relaxing day in the middle of Fontana Lake (about 3 hours west of Charlotte in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park), when they spotted a deadly timber rattlesnake ‘swimming’ toward their boat.

The sight naturally caused his kids to scream violently;

As the rattler closed in on the boat, Wayne’s son could be heard screaming “drive now!” As they tried to get the engine in gear, the snake began slithering its way on board, moments before the family was able to scare it away.

According to The Snake Discovery Library, the highly venomous timber rattlesnakes are rarely documented swimming in water, but they can, and will, if scared or chased away by something on land, or in extreme hunting situations.

If you encounter a timber rattler in the water, experts recommend staying as still as you can until the snake swims away.