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The is a UK-wide investigator firm with the experience and skill to deliver the results and evidence you require in a short period of time.

Private investigation services

Bond Rees is the UK’s leading provider of expert private investigations and can help you determine the truth about a person or situation and obtain specific evidence to back it up.

We accept examinations for both private and corporate clients all over the country and have a proven track record of delivering results while maintaining discretion and confidentiality for you.

Tracing Individuals

Is a friend or family member missing? Have you moved away from a close friend or an ex-accomplice and need to reconnect? Do you have to send sensitive information to a relative with whom you have lost contact? Do you have to keep an eye on someone who owes you money?

Our kin following assistance will locate the individual you are looking for in the shortest amount of time and allow you to reestablish contact and resolve any issue that was driving your inquiry.

Lie Detection System

Is it safe to say that you’re concerned that your accomplice is attempting to undermine your position? Have you been the victim of wrongdoing and you’re not sure who was responsible for it? Is there a mystery or a lie in your family or kinship group? Do you want to know the truth? Our administration of the untruth finder test will determine reality and will reveal who is deceiving you and who is telling the truth at the same time.

In order to provide you with an inward sense of peace or to validate your premonitions, Security Rees provides skilled and precise falsehood identifier testing that will allow you take action to resolve the issue immediately.

Corporate Investigative Services is a service that provides information to businesses.

Security Rees are the leading experts in the United Kingdom in providing corporate examination administrations to protect your company’s well-being and prevent harm caused by extortion or criminal activity.

Our corporate examinations are the most thorough and powerful currently available in the country, and we ensure that your information is kept confidential and that your remaining parts are kept in salvageable condition.

Services in the field of data recovery

If your data has been corrupted, erased, or stolen, our data recovery administrations can assist you with the recovery process.

It is possible for us to recover a wide variety of file types from a variety of devices and operating systems. For more information, please get in touch with our data recovery specialists right away.

Bug Sweepers are a type of insecticide.

Is it possible to say that you are concerned that someone is following you or attempting to violate your right to personal safety? In your home, vehicle, or business, our bug detection ranges will detect and eliminate any reconnaissance or listening devices that have been installed by others.

Bond Rees will make certain that no bugs are left behind and that you can regain your sense of security and confidence in your own home, vehicle, or business environment as a result.

Bond Rees provides legal documentation to clients all over the United Kingdom through our Process Serving administration.

As a result, Bond Rees recognises how critical cycle serving is to a client’s case and ability to continue; therefore, we approach this assistance with dedication and care. Bond Rees is a trustworthy individual.