Tennessee Flag Raised Over NC Capitol – Social Media Speculates We’ve Been Invaded


Social media accounts all across the our state lit up this week with wild theories about a Tennessee invasion of North Carolina after the Volunteer flag was seen flying high above our capitol building in Raleigh.

Yesterday morning, sever people on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram started posting pictures of our neighboring state’s flag flying high above our seat of power.

Marshall Conrad made one of the most shared posts of the flag, saying; “Not sure if this means war or that we no longer have a state income tax…#ncpol”

But like most conspiracy theories these days, the belief that Tennessee took over North Carolina turns out to be untrue.

According to Governor Roy Cooper, the flag is being temporary flown above our capitol for a movie that’s now being filmed in Raleigh. The movie is called “The Evolution of Nate Gibson” and it is set in Tennessee.