South Carolina Just Named The First Female ‘Trooper of the Year’ in State’s History


A South Carolina woman has just become the first police officer in the state’s history to win the ‘Trooper of The Year’ award.

Stevi Price, a state trooper who works out of Richland County was named South Carolina Trooper of the Year at this past weekend’s ceremony.

According to the SC Department of Public Safty, Trooper Price was “recognized for saving a woman who was trapped in a vehicle that caught fire following a collision. She represents the first female to win SCHP Trooper of the Year. Price was also awarded the Director’s Medal of Valor for her heroic efforts. She was chosen from 10 other nominees from around the state.”

Trooper Stevi Price’s remarkable act of heroism comes after only 3 years on the force. In an interview during the awards ceremony, she recalled the memory of pulling a woman from a burning vehicle.

“It was terrifying,” she recalls. “You don’t really think about it. You’re just thinking about helping the other person. I didn’t really care about my well-being at the time. It’s nothing that you can train for and it’s nothing I ever want to do again, but I would if I had to.”

Way to go Trooper Price! Keep up the good work!