Should I hire a securities fraud attorney? Yes – Here are 4 reasons why this professional can help YOU!


Suffering from losses brought on by a brokerage firm’s wrongful actions is a frustrating experience. Initially, you put your good faith and confidence into your relationship with your broker. 

Now? Your willingness to trust another has only caused you to become the victim of broker misconduct. 

Enduring significant financial losses with nowhere to turn, you are scrambling to find a way to redeem your position as the keeper of your investments. 

If you are frustrated at the unfairness of this situation and are also the victim of stockbroker misconduct, you have more options available to you than submitting to your firm’s silence. 

Get back what you deserve and then some with the help of a securities fraud attorney

Here are four reasons why hiring a Securities fraud attorney will be helpful for you.

Reason #1: Your Interests Are Protected

If you choose to hire a Securities fraud attorney, you can rest assured that your needs will come first. 

This is because attorneys are bound by fiduciaries, indicating that they put their client’s interests first or risk losing their title. 

Knowing that your interests come first, you can feel more confident that it is possible to establish a relationship of trust between you and your attorney. 

Important areas of your working relationship, such as budgeting for your case, managing associated fees, and addressing the possibility of contingency, will all be met with honesty, given the code of ethics your attorney is bound to follow. 

The communications that you have with your attorney are privileged

Privileged communication means that you can tell your lawyer everything you know. Even if you are in the wrong, these facts won’t be used against you. 

Your attorney’s job is to frame the case to serve you and only you. 

This code of ethics is also extended to the firm you are fighting against.  Your attorney will be aware of this and will guess the course of action that their attorney will take in the case. 

Predicting their moves will give you the advantage to build a stronger case, and with that, there comes a greater chance that things will work out in your favor. 

Reason #2: Contingency Might Be An Option

You will need to discuss billing upfront to avoid surprises, but there is a good chance that your lawyer will offer contingency. 

Should you win your case, contingency fees take a set percentage of your compensation. Under these arrangements, you do not need to pay service fees upfront. 

If you do not win your case, no further compensation is owed to the securities lawyer. 

Most of the time, contingency is applied if your case has a strong likelihood of panning out in court and with the possibility of winning great compensation for you.

You can work out a payment rate with your lawyer beforehand to avoid surprises later. 

Reason #3: Experience Is Necessary

Although you have the option to represent yourself in court, doing so is unwise. 

You lack the experience needed to reclaim your money, as you do not have the same awareness of court procedures and laws as a securities fraud attorney will have. 

Working with a Securities fraud attorney improves your chances of winning. 

Many securities fraud lawyers have experience representing Wall Street firms, which means they know everything about approaching cases from a ruthless perspective. 

You can rest assured knowing that a Securities fraud attorney with this experience is brushed up on the laws and regulations that pertain to your case. 

Reason #4: The First Step Is Free 

Many securities fraud attorneys offer free consultations so that you can decide if they are the right fit for your case. 

Given that the initial consultation is of no cost to you, you benefit from hearing what a professional has to say about your case. With one discussion, you can make an educated decision to move forward. 

By pursuing this first step in taking control of your assets, you’re one step closer to obtaining the compensation that is rightfully yours. 

In addition to the four reasons above, here are some other reasons why hiring a Securities fraud attorney may help your case. 

A Securities Fraud Attorney Follows A Code Of Ethics 

By seeking professional legal representation, you put your needs first. 

Hiring a Securities fraud attorney is the best way to ensure that your approach to recovering your losses is achieved strategically and in the best ways possible. 

Whether you intend to recover your losses via securities litigation or arbitration, working with a trained securities lawyer is the safest way to go. 

You Will Be Given Strategies For Recovering Your Losses 

Your Securities fraud attorney will be able to pinpoint the wrongful acts taken by your brokerage firm or broker so that you can create a case that holds up in court. 

Since you are not a professional attorney, you are unlikely to be aware of the various terms and schemes that stockbrokers utilize to take control of personal investments unlawfully. 

Illegal acts, including unauthorized trading, asset allocation, misrepresentation, and churning, are just some of the forms of misconduct that stockbrokers initiate. 

You Probably Can’t Win Your Case Alone

While it is true that you can file a complaint and pursue action on your own, without a Securities fraud attorney, it will be challenging to support your case in court. 

Often, brokers are tied to larger corporations. These big-name organizations enlist top-of-the-line lawyers to defend their misconduct in court. 

Given the reputations of powerful companies and the top lawyers they hire, those being taken advantage of rarely have the means to stand up for themselves in court. 

By hiring a competent Securities fraud attorney, you stand a real fighting chance.

Take Legal Action Today 

As an investor, you know that investing is risky; however, this should not extend to unlawful losses stemming from unethical brokerage firm behaviors.

If you have lost money and are ready to fight for it back, hire a securities lawyer and increase your chances of taking back what’s yours!