Senate of North Carolina passes the bill, limiting litigation risks amid coronavirus


We all know how the coronavirus damaged economy and situation in general around the world. The United States has been the most affected country by Covid-19, with more than 100,000 people dying from the virus. The states have begun gradual reopening, but it is far from over.

Most recently, the North Carolina Senate passed two bills, which basically limit lawsuit against companies that are opening during the coronavirus. The adoption of both bills was straightforward, and no additional debate took place.

The unemployment had a devastating impact, and it has been seen in various fields, For instance, online FX brokers accepting US clients expressed their discontent with the fact, that unemployment significantly affected the number of customers. And nothing is over yet. 

Paul Newton, who is a Cabarrus County Republican, declared that HB 118 would limit the lawsuit risk, once businesses reopened. But he also noted that if someone claimed, he or she contracted the coronavirus, at the business that had been shut down temporarily during the pandemic, could force away from the company out of business. 

However, the businesses are required to announce all the measures they are taking to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Of course, the consumer should take into account all the dangers, he or she will face while stepping into the company. If the bill becomes the law, some scenarios could create liability. 

The bill passed 40-7, and another bill called the immunity bill passed 39-8. Next, they should go to the House. 

How has the situation been in the United States recently?

Record morbidity and hospitalization for coronavirus are recorded in several US states, including Florida and Texas, amid President Donald Trump’s plans to hold an election rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

For Alabama, Sunday was the fourth consecutive day when state authorities reported a record number of new cases.

According to Reuters, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, North Carolina, Oklahoma and South Carolina have recorded a record number of new cases in the past three days.

Many health officials attribute the surge to Commemoration Day celebrations in late May.

Across the country on Saturday, more than 25 thousand new cases were recorded. This is the highest figure for Saturday, starting May 2, but partly due to the expansion of testing over the past six weeks.

However, health authorities are particularly worried by the fact that many of these states also record a record number of hospital admissions, which are not associated with expanded testing.

Hospitals in Arkansas, North Carolina, Texas, and Utah received a record number of patients on Saturday.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo warned authorities in New York City and Long Island that their “discovery” would be in jeopardy if crowds did not stop.

Cuomo said that the state received 25 thousand complaints about violation of the rules of social distance and other requirements caused by an emergency. Most of them relate to Manhattan and Hamptons – a rich beach area on the eastern tip of Long Island.

“There is a real possibility that we will suspend the opening in these areas,” he said at a briefing.