Rock Hill Man Arrested After Calling 911 And Asking “how many legs does an octopus have?”



69 year old John Dargan Barron (AKA “Crazy Horse”) of Rock Hill was just arrested Wednesday night for calling 911 and asking “how many legs does an octopus have?”.

After making several prior calls to 911, Rock Hill police went to Barron’s home where they found him “grossly intoxicated”, according to the police report.

john-dargan-barron-rock-hill-arrestPolice then told Barron not to call 911 again unless it was an emergency…about a half hour later, Baron called 911 and asked if the Russian alphabet was the same as the English alphabet. Police then proceeded to drive back to his home to arrest him.

When they walked into the home, officers found him unclothed from the waist down. After being put in the back of the patrol car, Baron tried to resist by lodging his foot under a passenger seat, according to the police report.

Baron is now facing charges of unlawful use of 911 and resisting police.

According to one of his neighbors, Barron has a history of unusual behavior.

He even recently announced his intentions to run for President of The United States with this hand-written public declaration, hung on the clothes line of his home (posted on Facebook by his neighbor):


His public declaration reads: “Crazy Horse For President – Don’t Need Government “The People Rule” ”