North Carolina is America’s #2 Best State for Green Burials


Where can you easily plan a natural burial?

To mark Memorial Day on May 29, Lawn Love ranked 2023’s Best States for Green Burials.

How does North Carolina stack up in some key metrics (1st = Best)?

  • Number of Green Burial Council-Certified Funeral Homes – 6th
  • Number of Natural Burial Sites (Green Burial Cemeteries) – 5th
  • Average Cost of Traditional Burial (as % of Average Household Income) – 25th
  • Average Monthly Google Searches for Green Burial-Related Keywords – 2nd

To come up with our ranking, we compared the 50 states based on four categories. We factored in access to green burial locations, funeral homes specializing in natural burials, and demand, among 18 total metrics.

2023’s Best States for Green Burials