New South Carolina Bill Requires Active Shooter Drills in Elementary Schools


Today at noon, South Carolina Rep. Marvin Pendarvis will be introducing a new bill that would require active shooter drills in all public schools.

The bill would require that all public schools, including elementary schools, set up monthly drills under the direction of the department of education and SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division).

Pendarvis said he expects to see broad bipartisan support for the bill after it is introduced later today.

“I felt like this was a perfect time to say hey let us require that and not only do we require it but let’s increase the frequency,” Pendavis commented. “In the event that an unfortunate situation does occur we are putting our children and teachers and staff in the best position in order to handle themselves in a way that will save the most lives.”

He noted that every school already has fire drills, but it’s extremely rare for a child to die in a school fire. He thinks that regular active shooter drills should have a higher priority.

Do you think public schools should have active shooter drills?