New Law Makes It Illegal To Own Wild Animals


illigal-to-own-wild-pets-in-south-carolinaA new South Carolina has just went into effect making it illegal to own wild exotic animals as pets.

The new law outlaws the ownership of “large wild cat, non-native bear, or great ape” in the state of South Carolina.

There are now only 4 states in America without such laws – Alabama, Nevada, North Carolina and Wisconsin — according to the Humane Society.

There are now estimated to be less than 100 wild animals being kept as pets that would be affected by this new law.

All exotic pets owned before Jan. 1, 2018 can be ‘grandfathered in’. If the owner pays a one-time $500 fee and $100 yearly fee for each pet, they can keep it until the animal dies.

What do you think about the new law?