NC’s Fort Bragg To Be Renamed Due To Confederacy Ties – Help Picks Its New Name


North Carolina’s legendary Fort Bragg (the largest Army base in America w/ roughly 57,000 military personnel) is about to get a new name and the government is asking for your help.

Earlier this year, Congress established a new commission under Section 370 of the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act to determine if US military bases with confederate ties should be renamed. Congress officially named the commission “The Commission on the Naming of Items of the Department of Defense that Commemorate the Confederate States of America or Any Person Who Served Voluntarily with the Confederate States of America“, but most people just call it “The Naming Commission”.

The Commission has now determined that North Carolina’s Fort Bragg (originally named after Confederate General and slave-owner Braxton Bragg) will be renamed and they have now set up a new website to receive feedback on what citizens think the new name should be.

You can now go to to submit suggestions.

What do you think about the name change?