McDonalds’ New Commercial For Their ‘South Carolina Stack’ Has No Idea What A South Carolinian Is


mcdonaldsuk_southcarolinastack-commercialMcDonalds just rolled out their new ‘South Carolina Stack’ commercial in the United Kingdom, part of a series of new burgers meant to represent American cultures.

In the commercial, the two actors are magically transformed into iconic South Carolinians…or so McDonald’s thinks. The male customer is transformed into a Texan cowboy, the female customer is transformed into Dolly Parton (from Tennessee), and the salesman is transformed into a football player wearing North Carolina blue colors (why wouldn’t he be wearing Clemson orange or Gamecock red and black?).

See for yourself:

They just finished with their ‘New York Stack’ promotion, which ended on May 16th.

In that commercial, the actors were all transformed into what looked like Boston Red Sox players:

The Louisiana Stack promotion is set to start on May 31st and the Tennessee Stack will launch on June 14th…those should be interesting.

Do you think McDonalds might be purposely killing the identity of our states to get news outlets like us talking about them, or do you think they simply didn’t do their research?

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