Mayor Roberts Lifts Charlotte’s Curfew After 6 Days of Protesting


Mayor Jennifer Roberts and Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners Trevor M. Fuller announce the City of Charlotte has lifted its curfew, effective immediately.

The 12am-6am curfew was initially put in place on September 22nd, the day after the riots and looting took place in Uptown Charlotte. The curfew was put in place the same time that Governor McCrory called a state of emergency for Charlotte and deployed the National Guard to patrol Charlotte’s streets.

Since the curfew was put in place and the national guard came to town on Thursday, the daily protests have remained peaceful.

The latest protest happened yesterday at the Panther’s game in Uptown Charlotte. A little over 100 people took a knee outside Bank of America Stadium as “The Star-Spangled Banner” played and police in riot gear looked on.


Mayor Roberts continues to urge the community to come together and show their unity in a peaceful and legal manner.