State of Emergency Declared For NC After Rioting and Looting Spread Through Uptown Charlotte


A State of Emergency has just been declared for North Carolina after historic riots and looting swept through the streets of Uptown Charlotte on Wednesday night.

I went uptown to film what I thought was a peaceful protest, but I soon became terrified at what unfolded…

Last night, our city witnessed one man get shot (now in critical condition), dozens of buildings vandalized and looted, and even more injuries to both police and protesters.

The night initially started as a peaceful prayer vigil in Marshall Park, then turned into a protest march through the streets of Uptown. Things started to become violent after one man was shot by another protester (according to police and several eye witnesses), and confusion and anger ensued.

As I was walking the streets talking to several of the participants, I came to realize that most of the people didn’t actually live in Charlotte. One group in particular told me that they drove down from the Bronx to join in on the protests.

National Guard troops and police forces from across North Carolina are now coming to our city to increase our police presence and hopefully put an end to the rioting.

Please pray for Charlotte.