Important Safety Laws for Cyclists On the Road


There are many North Carolina Bike Laws that will help keep cyclists and motorists safe on the road. Years ago, a new bill to make cycling safer throughout the state came into action after increased pressure on the state legislature to make changes. On NC streets and highways, an average of 19 cyclists die and more than 600 are injured each year. The new bills put in place have included higher fines, stiffer penalties and a greater chance to lose your licence for violating the rules put in place to protect cyclists.

Thankfully, new laws give cyclists more freedom and safety on the road so that we can get more cars off the streets and have people living healthier lifestyles. Since there have been changes, there are some important laws for motorists and cyclists to remember. Here are some of the road related laws to review that apply to both vehicles sharing the road.

Night Equipment Is Required

If you’re biking somewhere at night, you’re required to have proper lighting equipment on your vehicle. Your bike should have a lamp with a reflex mirror on the rear and you must have certain lighting operating at night on public streets, greenways or places where cars can be, such as parking lots. You should also be wearing bright clothing, preferably a vest that is reflective and visible. All lighting and clothing should be able to be visible by at least 300 feet.

Slower Traffic Uses the Right Lane

It’s a well-known rule that if you’re driving slowly you drive in the right lane, so cyclists should stick to the right, knowing they will be slower than cars. There are some roads that now have fully marked lanes for them to ride in and they are entitled to use them. If drivers find themselves close and need to pass, they may do so only when it’s absolutely clear from any oncoming traffic in the opposing lane. Drivers need to remember that cyclists are entitled to use the full lane too, and that it’s possible to share the road safely.

Impaired Driving Law Applicable to Bicyclists

It might seem like a bike ride home after a party can be safe, but it’s really not a good idea. The dangerous things that can happen to an imparied driver can also happen with an impaired cyclist. If you’re caught biking impaired, you can be tested and if you have an alcohol concentration of 0.08 or more you can be charged. 

These rules have been updated to help keep cyclists and motorists safe on the road, but accidents happen every day. If you ever find you or someone you love needs help in a cycle related accident, Attorney Ann Groninger is an expert in her field. She has a specialized understanding of the updated laws and legal frameworks of biking safety.

With the rising importance of road safety, everyone who uses the road should do their part to make it as safe as possible. Sharing the road is a great way to work together to help make our planet cleaner and greener. Many more people may take up cycling as part of their lifestyle if towns, cities and states work to make safer and friendlier environments for bikes and cars to coexist harmoniously.