Huntersville Police Make Felony Arrest After Finding Over 8 Lbs of Marijuana in Car


The Huntersville Police Department just announced a felony arrest of a person who was transporting 8 pounds of marijuana and a firearm in their car.

According to officials, the individual who the officers pulled over was charged with; Felony possession of Marijuana, Possession With Intent to Sell/Deliver Marijuana, Maintaining a Vehicle for Keeping a Controlled Substance, Carrying a Concealed Gun, and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Juvenile.

In a Facebook post, the department included several mocking hashtags about the driver, including; #AreThereDrugsThatDontComeFromPlants #AskingForAFriend #WeFoundAPewPew #NoPewPewsInVroomVrooms #Cirro #WillFindDrugsForTreats #WhosAGoodBoiiii

Many people who saw the post on Facebook were not amused, commenting replies such as;

“Geez, I wonder how many guns and laundered money there would have been if pot was legal? You guys are still living in the ignorant past and even proud of it. What a joke!”

“Man I can’t wait till our taxes aren’t paying for silly things like this, while police flex on Facebook”

“Soooo where’s the victim in this crime?”

“Get those dangerous pot smokers and put them in jail. Btw. This is sarcasm. Pot is legal in a dozen states. It’s a waste of our time and money to try to lock up these peeps. Give them a legitimate existence and tax them….”

“And spread those twenties out to look like more “

What do you think about the arrest and the Facebook post? 

Do you think marijuana should be legal in North Carolina?