How Online Abuse Affects Young Children?


The Internet plays a very important role in connecting us with the rest of the world. However, just as we begin to look at the pros, it is equally important to consider the cons of it. Online abuse is associated with kids and disturbs many young people from all across the globe every year. Technology has grown so fast across the globe that it is very difficult to cut it out from our lives. With so many social media platforms and applications online, parents have to be even more careful with their kids browsing over the web. It is because of the carelessness of the adults that children fall prey to the predators who are looking forward to hunting them online. Some people exploit young children because they feel attracted towards them sexually, and some of them can take a big toll by blackmailing them after getting inappropriate pictures first. If you are reading as a concerned parent, then you can track phone of your kid with online apps that have changed the dynamics of parental control.

Online abuse affects children in the following ways:


  1.     Online abuse can cause young people to fall into depression

Mental health is something that is often overlooked when we talk about individuals overall strength. Good physical health is of no advantage if a person is mentally sick. Depression is a disease that can take a big toll on a person’s mental and physical health. According to recent stats, around 2 to 3 percent of kids from 6 to 12 years old, and 6 to 8 percent of teens suffer from serious depression. This is a very alarming number because this disease can even compel the victim to look forward to self-harm. Stalkers online are always looking for ways with which they can encapsulate the minds of young people and manipulate them. Remember the infamous game bluewhale? Not only did it caused massive damage to the minds of young people, but there were several incidents reported across the globe where people had committed suicide.

  1.     Online abuse can affect self-confidence and lower self-esteem

Online abuse has never done any good. Especially for young children, it is too much to handle. Adults and mature people have ways to tackle the situation, but the adolescents have no idea to cater for so much hate. Sometimes young kids are trapped by being offered rewards in exchange for phone numbers and meetings. Most predators are often looking for sexual pleasures, which is why they hunt the kids. For young people, the other person seems to be a good guy, but the intentions are lethal. In many cases, predators often engage young kids in sexting and then blackmail them. This affects their self-esteem and the confidence to report the problem to their parents.

  1.     Online abuse affects their education

This is the worst form of any damages that online abuse does. During early years it is important for kids to focus on studies so that they can perform well in school. With mobile phones in everyone hands these days, children pay less attention to the study and waste a lot of time on social profiles. Moreover, even parents overlook this habit, which is why kids never stop. Online dating can very easily transition into an abusive relationship, which is why it is crucial to keep an eye on kid’s activities. As a parent, it is very crucial to talk things through so that children can remain cautious of the possible dangers of interacting with strangers over the web.


Online abuse has always taken a big toll on younger kids. It is very important for parents to talk to their kids about the pros and cons of being online. Usually, when parents talk, then young people think that they are meddling with them. Therefore it is better to look for a good opportunity and explain things to the younger ones so that they can stay alarmed.