High School Cheerleader’s Gravity-Defying Trick Starting Viral Internet Craze (Video)


Ariel Olivar, a high school cheerleader at Manvel High School, just wanted to have some fun on the sidelines.

She never dreamed that her gravity-defying trick would have such a viral impact on the internet.

Her quick 6-second video, where she basically steps over an imaginary box, has now been viewed over 5 million times since it was first posted on December 2nd;

and her follow-up ‘fail’ has hundreds of thousands of views;

her new mind-bending trick is now causing countless others around the world to attempt it…some with minor success;

and others with slightly less;

…then there’s this guy;

Can you do it?

Try it right now…

Not so easy, is it?

Thank you internet 🙂