Governor Cooper Signs New Order Allowing Bars To Sell ‘To-Go’ Drinks


The Governor of North Carolina has just signed a new executive order to allow bars and restaurants to sell to-go alcoholic beverages to drivers who were recently restricted from drinking inside local establishments with large crowds or after 9 pm.

Executive Order No. 183 gives temporary authorization to establishments that hold ABC permits, including restaurants, hotels, private clubs, private bars, and distilleries, to sell mixed beverages to to-go customers or for delivery.

The new order requires that all adult beverages that North Carolina drivers order to-go or for delivery “shall not exceed 750 milliliters…shall be secured by the Permitted Seller so that no mixed beverages can be removed without breaking a seal that is incapable of being
resealed except by the Permitted Seller…shall have an indelible label that contains at least the; Drink name, Quantity of spirituous liquor, and Name of the person to whom the mixed beverage was sold…and shall contain the statement “The contents of this container shall not be purchased by, possessed by, or given to, any individual under the age of 21 years.””

“This order will help people avoid settings that can contribute to increased viral spread while giving restaurants and bars a financial boost that they need right now,” Governor Cooper noted in a press release. “With cases and hospitalizations high around the country, let’s all do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19 while supporting local, small businesses safely.”

What do you think about the new executive order?