Governor Cooper Calls For All Confederate Statues In North Carolina To Be Removed


protestors-smash-confederate-statue-in-durhamYesterday North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper released an article and a video via Twitter outlining his plans to remove all Confederate statues from across the state.

His announcement is in large part a reaction to the protesting and violence in Charlottesville this past weekend, and the destruction of Durham’s Confederate Monument on Sunday night.

In his video, he states that he will first take steps toward repealing a 2015 law that prevents the removal or relocation of monuments.

He will then ask the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources to determine the cost and logistics of removing Confederate monuments.

Third, he said that House Bill 330, which grants immunity to motorists who strike protesters, must be defeated.

He also wrote a blog article talking more about why he is taking steps to have the statues removed;

In the Medium article, he writes, “Some people cling to the belief that the Civil War was fought over states’ rights. But history is not on their side. We cannot continue to glorify a war against the United States of America fought in the defense of slavery. These monuments should come down.

Our Civil War history is important, but it belongs in textbooks and museums — not a place of allegiance on our Capitol grounds. And our history must tell the full story, including the subjugation of humans created in God’s image to provide the back-breaking labor that drove the South’s agrarian economy.”

What do you think about Governor Coopers decisions?

Do you think confederate statues should be removed?