GoFundMe Campaign Launched For Student Who Was Fatally Shot at Butler High School


This past Monday morning, a tragic incident occurred at Butler High School when 16-year-old freshman Jatwan Cuffie shot 16-year-old sophomore Bobby McKeithen with a .380 handgun at the height of an escalating altercation.

CMS held the following press conference on Monday morning to give more information about the shooting;

A GoFundMe campaign has now been started to help the family of the slain victim, called ‘Bobby McKeithen Burial Expenses‘.

The campaign notes that “Due to his untimely death, this has put his Mom in an unfortunate situation with planning to lay him to rest. With this comes burial expenses. We are asking that family, extended family and friends please consider making a donation of any dollar amount to lighten this unexpected burden of laying her son to rest.”

So far, there has been a total of $9,415 raised out of the campaign’s $15,000 goal.

Please consider giving and spreading the word.