Explosion Injures Several Soldiers At North Carolina’s Fort Bragg


Early this morning, several US Special Ops members were injured in an explosion at North Carolina’s Fort Bragg, according to a Fort Bragg spokesman.

The incident occurred in the middle of a training exercise at a firing range.

The total number of injured soldiers and non-military personnel is currently unknown.

According to spokesman Lt. Col. Rob Bockholt, all injured personnel were rushed to the Army base’s Womack Army Medical Center for treatment.

There are currently over 57,000 military personnel serving at Fort Bragg, which sits just outside Fayetteville, N.C. The entire base covers about 161,000 acres. It is currently America’s largest Army installation by population.

UPDATE 9/4/2017 2:45pm:

It’s now been confirmed that a total of 8 people were injured during demolitions training;

We will update this article as new information comes in.