CMPD Officer Invented A Product That Will Stop School Shooters


barricade-box-school-shooter-charlotteCharlotte Sergeant Chris Kopp has invented a new device that he hopes will soon be in every classroom in America in order to stop any potential school shooters.

The Barricade Box is a simple, yet powerful device that will prevent any door from being breached by up to 10,000 pounds of force.

It’s already been installed in 18 Charlotte area schools.

After installing, you can basically just pop the cap off, then stretch the Kevlar cord around a door handle and hooking it back on the box.

It’s a strategy to keep the door secure, and even an elementary school student can do it in seconds.

One of these can be installed in under 10 minutes, and each one costs around $50. With around 80 classroom doors in a school, it would cost a school around $4000 to be fully secure.

For more info or to buy a Barricade Box for your home, office, or classroom click here.