City of Winston Salem in Hot Water After Announcing Dr. Seuss Event


The North Carolina city of Winston Salem is now in hot water after announcing a “Dr. Seuss Drive-In Car Decorating Contest” just days after the Dr. Seuss organization removed 6 books from publication for having racist undertones.

They originally announced the event yesterday morning at around 7am, saying “Join us for a Seussian spectacular afternoon at Parkland Park (1660 Brewer Road) on Saturday, March 13 from 1-3 p.m.!

Enter your car in the Dr. Seuss inspired car decorating contest! We will also have car games, crafts, book give-aways and story time!”

Over 170 people have so far commented on the post, saying things like:

“Dr. Seuss does NOT need to be celebrated. The racist in some of his books were hurtful to African Americans, Asians and many others. His Cat in the Hat was character was inspired and reflects blackface minstrelsy.”

“Talk about some bad timing. 🤣 Are you just trying to get Winston-Salem mentioned poorly on every Late Show next week.”

“Since you’re not allowing pictures, it only takes 1 quick search to see The Cat in the Hat is based off blackface, his books include insulting imagery and stereotypes of other races, and blatant racist cartoons of Black people being sold and called the n-word. He doesn’t need a celebration.”

“Tone deaf….😒”

“So even being new to the state and the area, it is clear that this city has a very strong black community. This is incredibly unsympathetic and pretty much a slap in the face to the people who pay your government salaries and for racist celebrations like this.”

After the public outcry, the city quickly updated the post yesterday afternoon, saying;

“This event is being converted to a non Dr. Seuss event. Stand-by and check back for more details later today.”

What do you think about Winston Salem’s decision to create the event?