Charlotte Podcast Festival Makes Its Debut This Fall


Charlotte Podcast Festival kicks off October 5. As the city’s first podcast festival, it’s designed to inform, enrich and inspire the region’s audio storytellers and podcasters. Online sessions will run through October 30. Admission is free with registration.

Virtual panel discussions and workshops will cover:

  • Content and production
  • Marketing and digital branding
  • Audience engagement and listener growth
  • Monetization
  • Legal considerations

Charlotte Podcast Festival is a partnership between WFAE, Blumenthal Performing Arts, Queen City Podcast Network and Eclecs Creative Agency.

“The festival gives WFAE and our partners another way to support the growing podcast community here in Charlotte,” said Ju-Don Marshall, WFAE’s chief content officer and executive vice president. “It builds on the training we’ve provided over the last year through our Queen City PodQuest Academy and workshops. WFAE remains committed to using podcasting as a way to support diverse storytellers in this community.”

Charlotte Podcast Festival sessions include:

  • “Life on the Mic:” How to be the best interviewer/host with Tommy Tomlinson (WFAE’s SouthBound), Sheri Lynch (Oddcast), Bernadette Joy (Dear Bernadebt Joy) and Mark Peres (On Life & Meaning)
  • “From Script to Screen:” Writing and recording with Morgan Givens (Flyest Fables) and Kevin Patterson (Detective Samwel Sift’s Loved One Discovery or Recovery Services)
  • “Audio Editing 101:” Tips for recording and editing audio with Konata Edwards (Charlotte Newsmakers, Locked on Hornets) and Andy Goh (The Goh Show)
  • “Hey, Is This Thing On?:” Comedy podcasting with Rod and Karen Morrow (The Black Guy Who Tips) and Cale Evans (The Podcast from Hell)

The full schedule will be announced soon. Visit for more information.




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