Charlotte Might See Its First Snowfall Tonight


It’s time to start stocking up on milk and bread – North Carolina is about to see its first snowfall of the season!

According to NOAA, there is now about a roughly 11% chance of Charlotte seeing snow tonight, and a 97% chance the North Carolina mountains will see snow;

If it doesn’t snow, we’ll certainly be seeing a cold and wet weekend – roads will likely turn icy at night, especially in the mountains;

If you moved here from Ohio or New York (like myself), you may be rolling your eyes, but if you’re from Florida or California, you might need to make some changes to prepare for the coming winter temperatures.

To prepare your car, top off all your fluids, especially your oilpower steering fluid, and antifreeze. You’ll also want to check your tires and make sure your air pressure is over 32 PSI.

To prepare your home, make sure to drain all fountains and exterior water fixtures. Always let at least one of your faucets drip to avoid freezing pipes. Consider buying a humidifier if you’re sensitive to dry air. If you have an older home with older windows, investing in some shrink film insulation will save you a ton on your heating bill.

To prepare yourself, buy some thermal gloves, a warm hat, and a winter jacket. If you’re going to spend any length of time outside, you may even want to consider buying an electric heating jacket.

If you have a pet – make sure to read our article about how to keep your furry friend warm!