How To Keep Your Pets Safe As Temperatures Drop in Charlotte


freezing-pets-in-charlotteAs temperatures drop this week in the Queen City, our furry friends face an increasing danger of getting sick, or worse.

The Humane Society of Charlotte will be taking care of about 75 dogs and cats this winter, and over the years, they’ve learned some valuable lessons on how to keep pets safe in even the harshest conditions.

Here are a few tips they recommend:

  • Stay indoors! Never leave your dogs or cats outdoors for more than a few hours. If they get too cold or wet, they have a much higher risk of getting sick.
  • More food and water! Staying warm takes up a lot more of your pet’s energy. Make sure there is always fresh food and water available for your animals!
  • Dress for success. Have a shorthaired dog (or hairless cat)? Put them in a mini-sweater during walks. Try to find a coat or sweater with a high collar (think turtleneck style) and coverage all the way to the belly – Amazon has some great options for under $10.
  • Cozy them up! Just like you, your furry friend loves a warm bed, if you don’t have a pet bed, a fluffy blanket or giant pillow should do the trick!
  • Never leave your pet alone in the car! In the winter, the car can become a refrigerator, causing your pet to get sick or freeze to death.
  • Stay away from the clippers! Don’t shave your pet in the winter — their coat will provide warmth.
  • Don’t let your dog off its leash. Dogs can lose their scent easily in the snow and become lost. Don’t forget to make sure your pet wears an ID tag and has a microchip (with up-to-date owner information linked to it).
  • Be cautious when you start your car. The warm engines of parked cars are a magnet for outdoor cats. They love sleeping under the hoods when it’s cold outside, but when the motor starts, the kitty can be injured — or even killed — by the fan belt. Bang your hood loudly before start the car so cats have a chance to move away!

Please share these tips with any other animal lovers you know!



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