Charlotte Leaders Just Submitted Bid To Host The 2020 Republican National Convention


The City of Charlotte has just submitted an official bid to host the 2020 Republican National Convention.

“We’re incredibly grateful for the support and assistance of our many City of Charlotte partners, hotels, venues and others who helped to craft this thorough response on behalf of our region,” commented CRVA CEO Tom Murray.

Murray didn’t disclose the specifics of the bid, but many leaders think that Charlotte may have a high likelihood of winning, considering our current political atmosphere and recent growth.

President Trump won North Carolina by only 3.7% back in 2016 and many think the margins will be even closer for the 2020 election. Both major political parties usually hold their conventions in swing states like North Carolina in order to sure up their base and attempt to drum up new excitement. Two years ago the Republicans held their convention in Cleveland, OH, and 4 years before that they held it in Tamps, FL – both major swing states.

Charlotte has also recently seen massive growth in hotels around Center City, meaning more Republican delegates wouldn’t have to travel as far as they did in Cleveland to attend the convention sessions.

The convention would be a huge economic boost for our city, considering that the Democratic National Convention that we hosted in 2012 had an estimated economic impact of over $163 million.

The last RNC took place in Cleveland, OH back in 2016 where nominees Donald Trump and Mike Pence made their first appearance.

What are your thoughts on Charlotte hosting the RNC?