Charlotte Animal Shelters Launch New “Staycation” Program To Give Dogs a Break


Due to overcapacity issues around our area, animal shelters are becoming increasingly creative with how they can help dogs and cats feel loved.

The Charlotte Animal Care and Control (AC&C) just launched a new program that they hope will not only encourage their furry friends but also increase adoption rates. They’re calling it the “staycation program”.

According to the AC&C’s website, “An #ACCstaycation is a field trip for a shelter dog. It can be hanging out at your house, going for a hike, a trip to your favorite fast food drive-thru, a nap on your couch, whatever you and your Staycation dog are up for!”

If you can’t commit to a multi-day ‘staycation’, there are even openings for ‘staycation walkers’ for people who just want to enjoy the company of a furry little friend for a few hours.

The goal of the program is not only to make the dogs feel more loved in a home environment, but also to give the shelter staff a break and to give more people a greater opportunity to consider permanent adoption.

You can preview all the dogs now available for staycations on AC&C’s FacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts.

You can find out more details about the new program on their website here.