Charlotte and Raleigh Rank Among The Top 10 Most Neighborly Communities in America


Neighbors can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s fairly safe to say that over the pandemic most of us got to know our neighbors quite a bit better. While some people barely speak to the people living next door, there are some places in the U.S. where community and neighborliness prevail.

In a new report, Storage Cafe surveyed close to 11,000 people from across the US to find out the cities that best embody the neighborly spirit. They based their survey on four essential factors that pretty much epitomize what it means to be a good neighbor: satisfaction with neighbors, sense of community, involvement in community activities and willingness to recommend their neighborhood to others.

If you live in Charlotte, you’re likely to have neighbors who look out for you, whether they do you a favor now and again or they volunteer in the community. In fact, Charlotte ranks 10th in the nation for community neighborliness. And it’s not the only NC city to make the top 10 list – Raleigh also ranked 5th.

Some interesting NC stats from the survey:

  • About 70% of Charlotte residents report being happy with their neighbors.
  • Almost 65% of Charlotte locals would do the same. For our survey respondents, location wins hands down as the thing they most love about their neighborhood.
  • Local neighborhoods seem to be united by a local desire to be involved and help out others in need, as 38% of Charlotte’s claim they enjoy a strong sense of community.
  • The cities’ spirit of civic engagement is also high, with 69% of Charlotteans choosing to volunteer, donate to charity or clean up public spaces.

You can read the full report together with expert commentary on neighborly communities here: