CATS new LYNX Silver Line Plans To Extend Light Rail To Matthews


lynx going down to matthewsOur city’s public transit organization, or CATS for short, is now planning one of its most ambition projects in decades. They are now calling it the “Lynx Silver Line”, and they’re hoping it will add an entirely new arm to the light-rail system, extending the reach down to Matthews.

This week, Charlotte and Matthews will be hosting a series of public workshops to discuss options for the new corridor.

CATS is now focused on all the incredible growth taking place in Southend and NoDa, due to the Blue Line and Blue Line Extension. They are confident that the new Silver Line down to Matthews would also provide an incredible catalyst for growth as well.

CATS is now almost finished on their new extension up to University City. The fully extended Blue Line should be operational within the year;

FirstStop Parkwood Station

CATS also recently finished the first section of their highly controversial Gold Line streetcar recently.

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