Bumper Car Catches On Fire At Carowinds (Video)


Yesterday afternoon a shocking development happened at Carowind’s Dodg’ems ride.

One of the small bumper cars suddenly burst into flames after a rider left his seat.

Park visitor Scott Spainhour captured the fire on his cell phone and uploaded it to Facebook, saying; “Current situation at Carowinds!”

An official spokesperson at Carowinds released the following statement after the ride was re-opened;

“At approximately 12:30 p.m. today, there was a small fire on a Dodg’ems bumper car. The passenger had already left the car and there were no injuries. The ride attendant immediately responded with a fire extinguisher as trained. The ride has been inspected and tested, and has resumed normal operations.”

The incident has already started generating its own memes;