Best Places For Paddle Boarding In Charlotte


Paddleboarding is a sport that is evolving with time and Charlotte is a great place to live or visit. You can do this sport in lakes, rivers, oceans, and even in Charlotte’s many creeks.

 The best part about this sport is that anyone can do it- no matter their age or skill level. It is also an awesome stress-relieving activity to try out. Listed below are five of the best places to go paddleboarding in Charlotte.

Paddle Boarding At Church Landing State Park 

The Church Landing State Park has three miles of shoreline where visitors can rent kayaks as well as set up their own equipment at no additional cost. They also have classes available so those new to paddling or interested in learning more about it before they try it out can learn how properly use their boards without fear of falling into the water. 

It’s important to know paddleboarding tips before participating in this fun activity. For its size, there are very few other locations like this one that all these resources under one roof are available.

Paddle Boarding At The Park Road Shopping Center 

Located on the Catawba River in West Charlotte, this location is a great spot for families to explore together since it’s right along the water and has lots of open space nearby as well as playground equipment. 

It also features an outdoor amphitheater with many different kinds of shows that can be enjoyed by people who are at least four feet tall so they don’t have to miss out even if their attention spans aren’t long enough yet for longer performances or concerts. 

There are concessions stands there too where visitors can purchase snacks like cotton candy or balloons while watching these productions.

A Paddle Boat Rental In Mint Hill 

Mint Hill offers paddleboat rentals for those who want to go out on Lake Wylie and enjoy some time at the water’s edge without having to bring their own equipment. There are also kayaks that can be rented as well, making it a great place if people like to do different activities while getting in their exercise instead of doing just one thing all day long.

A Paddle Boarding Rental Along The Canal In Matthews 

The canal in Matthews runs right through the center of town where visitors will find plenty of paddleboard boats available for rent from various vendors along its shores so they can hop aboard whenever they need them without worrying about how much storage space exists or how difficult it might be going back home with this bulky item after spending an hour or two paddling around.

A Paddle Boarding Rental At The South End Yacht Club 

The South End Yacht Club is a great place for those who love to be on the water but have never tried paddle boarding before because it has excellent equipment that’s easy to use and staff members available all day long to make sure people understand how this activity works without fear of hurting themselves. 

It also doesn’t hurt that there are lifeguards nearby so paddlers can rest assured knowing they’re in good hands while having fun out at sea with friends and family alike.

Paddle Boarding on Sugar Creek

This is a great place to go paddleboarding in Charlotte, specifically because of its location. It is located just south of the intersection between I-77 and US 21/Independence Blvd. 

There isn’t too much traffic here so you can practice your stand-up paddling without worrying about getting hit by a speeding car.

Paddle Boarding on Lake Norman

Lake Norman is one of the most popular places to go paddleboarding in Charlotte for good reason! There are tons of great restaurants and shops surrounding it, so you can have a nice day out with your friends after. The water here is also very clean which makes this place perfect if you’re paddleboarding with kids.

Paddle Boarding on Freedom Park Lake

The water here is very calm and it’s a great place to go if you’re looking for an easy day out. There are also plenty of public restrooms near the area, so this is another plus if you have little ones in tow. If you don’t feel like getting in the water, there is a nice walking path around it that you can walk on.

Paddle Boarding at Mallard Creek

This place has some of the clearest and cleanest looking water out of all five locations discussed here. It’s also very open so if you want to do any stand-up paddling then this is the place to go!

Paddle Boarding in Romare Bearden Park

This is a great place to go paddleboarding in Charlotte because of all of its trails and hiking paths. After you’re done with your hike, head over to Sugar Creek Marina for some stand-up paddling. You can also rent water bikes here which are a great alternative to regular paddleboards!

The Charlotte area is home to some of the best places for paddleboarding in North Carolina. Whether you’re looking for a calm, serene environment or an adrenaline-pumping adventure, the above places will do wonders. 

What other places do you like to visit? Let us know in the comments below so that others can enjoy your favorite spot too!