Best Jobs for Recent Grads: Charlotte Metro Ranks Among The Top In The Nation


Some much-needed good news in 2021 is that employers plan on hiring more grads this year, with starting salaries expected to rise.

The website RentCafe just released a new report listing the top 50 jobs for people with 0 or little experience and a degree. In it, they found that healthcare jobs outrank computer science ones this year, with nurse practitioner the no. 1 most wanted, and software developer only coming in 4th.

3 metros in North Carolina were among the top 20 areas with the highest concentration of these coveted positions, with Charlotte taking the 16th position.

Some specific findings from the report include:

  • Although Durham and Raleigh metros rank better, Charlotte has a high concentration of grad-friendly jobs as well, 73 in 1,000, with Sales and Construction Managers being the best positions to aim for, for those with little work experience and a degree.
  • Sales Managers are best paid in the Charlotte area, with an annual wage of $156K. Airline Pilots and Flight Engineers secure the second-highest wages here with $120K per year.
  • By comparison, in Durham and Raleigh metros, the most coveted jobs are in the medical field, in sales and in computer science, with the first two surpassing computer science role in terms of annual wages.

You can read the full report here –