5 Blind Veterans Training At US Whitewater Center To Kayak The Grand Canyon


This weekend, 5 blind veterans, and 7 volunteer and veteran sighted guides will be kayak training at the US Whitewater Course in Charlotte. The blind veterans are building skills and confidence as they plan to challenge the huge whitewater of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon later in the year.

All paddlers are part of Team River Runner (TRR), a national non profit program that teaches adventure paddle sports to service members nationally. Veteran participants of Team River Runner then offer paddling instruction to recovering wounded and disabled veterans and disabled non veterans in their home Chapter of TRR.

The 5 blind veterans are part of the TRR Vision Team, and the training at the Whitewater Center offers a perfect venue to build skills.

This recent video by TRR shows an experienced blind veteran teaching another veteran how to ‘roll’ in a kayak;

For more information on Team River Runner, or the Vision Team Grand Canyon quest, go to www.teamriverrunner.org