4 Ways to Show Someone You’re Thinking of Them


In the era of social distancing, it’s a full-time job to stay connected. So many relationships are maintained through brief hallway greetings, little run-in conversations, and ongoing water-cooler chats throughout the day. Without face-to-face interactions, we can forget just how many loved ones we have.

But with technology on our side, we can show our love in brand-new ways. Whether for a grandmother, best friend, or romantic partner, here are a few ways to show someone they’re in your thoughts.

#1 – Talk it Out

Not text. Not email. Take a few minutes out of your day to pick up the phone and actually call your friend. Just sharing your voice lends a personal touch that puts your conversation above the rest.

And if you’re on friendlier terms, make time for a video call! Zoom may be forever-linked to awkward conference calls and stilted virtual job interviews, but it’s as close to in-person quality time as many of us can get. 

Prefer things old-school? You can’t go wrong with a handwritten note. Pick up some beautiful stationery and a pack of your favorite pens for all of your note-sending needs.

#2 – Send a Gift

What’s better than getting a package in the mail? Plus, online deliveries allow you to maintain a lot more than just six feet of physical distance between you. It doesn’t have to be a holiday to send one of these presents just to say I’m thinking of you:

  • A cozy blanket – Receiving a blanket is the closest thing to receiving a hug these days. Consider sending a fleece throw blanket to embody your warm thoughts for the recipient. 
  • Flowers – This is a no-fail gift. A beautiful bouquet works for friends, family, and lovers alike. Check out some excellent online shops for flowers to send a loved one.
  • Friendship lamps – Missing someone from afar? Matching friendship lamps are a great remedy for long-distance lovesickness. As you tap your lamp, it signals the other lamp to glow, like a magical message of love—or something out of a sci-fi romance novel. 

#3 – Make Plans to Spend Time Together

Nothing beats quality time—as long as it’s spent safely. If you’re both comfortable with it, then penciling in a relaxing activity could be a great option for reconnecting.

Got a friend who’s always en vogue? Take them shopping! Making a point to purchase from thrift stores and small businesses is a great way to support local during these tougher times.

If you’re both looking to lounge around and catch up, make a reservation at a local restaurant or order take out that you can enjoy in a nearby park. And if your comfort levels are aligned, host an at-home spa night to boost a friend’s mood while shrinking their pores. You could try your hand at a DIY manicure (no pun intended) or get fancy with facials and sheet masks (the spa kind, not the PPE kind).

#4 – Help with Something They Need 

Let’s face it: to-do lists are more fun to create than complete. And when your loved one is going through a particularly rough patch, it can be difficult just to get through the basics. Here are some ways to show your thoughtfulness by being the Cinderella of their day:

  • Send groceries – Pick out some pantry staples for a friend and save them from the hour-long wait in the Trader Joe’s checkout line.
  • Clean their house – Know someone with a few messy kids? Or even just an endlessly-shedding puppy? Sending a cleaning service can transform their entire day, week, or even month for the better.
  • Make a meal – Food may be the ultimate wordless “I love you.” And dropping off a home-cooked meal (whether healthy or indulgent) says “I love you a lot.”

Showing You Care Isn’t Location-Specific

A hug isn’t about how long you hold it, but how deeply you mean it. The same principle applies to thoughtful gifts and acts of service. Big or small, these simple actions will show your loved ones just how much you care—whether you’re in the next town over or halfway across the world.