7 Amazing Valentine’s Gifts For Grandma


Shopping for the right Valentine’s Day gift for your grandmother is not the same as shopping for one for your girlfriend or wife. However, if you normally purchase Valentine’s Day gifts for your mother or sister, you’ll have an idea of what will be an appropriate gift to celebrate Valentine’s Day for your grandmother. Below is a list of suggested gifts that will give you some inspiration.

1 – 24K Gold Foil Artificial Forever Rose

You already know that roses are the traditional flower gifted on special occasions where you want to show how much you love someone. Well, your grandma deserves roses as well and this unique 24K Gold Foil Artificial Forever Rose will never die and will be one gift she will cherish forever. It stands just under 10-inches tall and can be displayed for all to see. Not only is it a stunning looking rose but it sends the message to your Grandma that she is a very special person in your life. This is a sentimental and practical gift that will last a lifetime.

2 – I Love You Jewelry Tray

Grandma has collected a lot of great pieces of jewelry over the years. The chances are that she probably doesn’t need another necklace or ring but could use a place to store them. This unique I Love You Jewelry Tray is a simple and practical gift that will help Grandma to keep her favorite jewelry pieces organized and easy to locate. Designed as several dishes, this storage idea will fit in any décor and can also be used as a decorating piece when not used to hold jewelry. Your Grandmother will love that you think of her in this way and got her this wonderful gift.

3 – Valentine’s Day Gift Box Set

Nothing says you love your Grandmother more on Valentine’s Day than with a box set of socks. Keeping her feet and toes warm helps to keep her heart warm as well and this unique gift will touch her heart very deeply. The Valentine’s Day Gift Box Set features two pairs of socks that you have specially chosen to give to your Grandma. Added to that are a special gift box and a label that you have also chosen. It couldn’t get any easier than that. Share something warm with your Grandmother this Valentine’s Day with some cozy and comfy socks.

4 – 20 LED Photo Clip String Lights

Grandma will love this sentimental gift idea. The 20 LED Photo Clip String Lights is a collection of lights but these are not your ordinary lights. Each comes with a photo clip that can display some of Grandma’s favorite memories or photos of the family. Regardless of what photos are chosen, the light string also has eight different lighting modes. This means the lights can set a mood or provide illumination in a dark part of a room. This is truly a unique Valentine’s Day gift that will quickly become a treasured keepsake and ‘brag’ wall decoration.

5 – Handmade Rose Bear Teddy Bear

Measuring about 10-inches tall, this 100% Handmade Rose Bear Teddy Bear is an adorable gift that you can easily give to your Grandmother for Valentine’s Day. There are a total of twelve different colors to choose from so if Grandma has a favorite color or her home has a specific color palette, you can match it with the right selection. The teddy bear is cute and cuddly and comes in a gift box that features a window-like design. If your Grandma is the teddy bear loving type, then this is one special handmade gift she will love for as long as she has it.

6 – You Are My Sunshine Necklace

The sunflower design of the “You Are My Sunshine Necklace” may look a tad on the simple side when you first see it. However, when you open the sunflower you will discover a secret message that has been engraved so that it will last forever. This is a sentimental gift that hits home the importance of reminding your special Grandma what she means to you. Plus, when she is alone all she has to do is pop open the necklace to pick up her spirits or give her a smile. Your Grandmother will cherish this special and touching Valentine’s Day gift.

7 – American Star Love LED Valentine Candles

If your Grandmother is the type who enjoys entertaining guests, then you can’t go wrong by giving her a set of ”American Star Love LED Valentine Candles”. Not only are they attractive and can dress up the centerpiece at the dinner table or anywhere else they are displayed, but they do not use fire to create a flame. The LED lights contained in the candles ‘flicker’ and are a safe alternative to traditional candles. Plus, there is no waxy buildup with LED candles. All you have to do is replace their batteries when needed. Grandma will love these worry-free candles.

Need More Inspiration?

Grandma won’t be the only special someone you’ll be shopping for on Valentine’s Day. To make your quest for the perfect gift a little bit easier, why not take a look at the ideas listed at CoolThingsChicago? You can find them HERE.

In Conclusion

Valentine’s Day is meant to be the most romantic time of the year. That means shopping for unique, interesting and stunning gifts to give to that special someone in your life to show how much you love them. But what about your Grandmother? She deserves to receive something on this special day as well. This is particularly true if your Grandmother is living at home alone and your Grandfather has passed away years ago. She still needs to know that the other members of her family love her. To receive a thoughtful, sentimental gift from a grandchild on Valentine’s Day will make her feel so very special. The gift ideas listed above are intended to get you thinking outside the box for something truly wonderful for your Grandmother on Valentine’s Day.