4 activities to make snack time with the kids fun and interesting


Kids need plenty of fuel to keep them going throughout the day, giving their growing bodies energy and nutrition while also reinforcing healthy habits that will last them a lifetime.

Of course snack time itself is hardly the most exciting event, and in many families it goes entirely under the radar.

To fix this, here are a few activities and ideas to throw into the mix which will turn snack times into something that kids will look forward to.

Image Source: Pixabay

Explore new tastes with a snack-filled subscription box

If kids are only offered the same old snacks week after week, it will be no surprise if they grow bored of the whole process.

Thankfully with a snack gift box, you can spice up snack time by introducing a whole host of different tastes, with products that you might not normally try being included by many providers.

You can choose between so many snack boxes at the moment, including those that are focused on providing wholesome, naturally sourced munchables as well as sweeter treats for special occasions. And since these boxes tend to operate on a subscription service, you can get goodies delivered to your door for even more convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Introduce math to the equation

Improving numeracy through snacks might sound an unlikely option, but there are plenty of math games you can play during mini-meal sessions with youngsters.

Counting up the number of chips in a bag, arranging carrot sticks into geometric shapes and even sorting colored candies into groups to see how many of each kind there are can all help familiarize even the littlest tykes with mathematical concepts that will help them with their studies in school further down the line.

Encourage artistic expression

While it is sensible to make full evening meals at the dinner table a more formal and controlled affair, there is no need to take the same strict approach to snack time. You can get your kids to experiment with their creativity and express themselves with the foods they are about to eat.

This is especially useful for making certain food types fun; for example, turning fruit or vegetables into funny faces on a plate together by cutting them up and arranging the shapes will keep kids occupied, and also help to increase their intake of healthy snacks which they might not normally be interested in eating.

Embrace personal snack preparation

You may usually prepare snacks for your kids yourself while they do something else, but the act of preparing a snack can be entertaining and educational in its own right, so do not be afraid to get them involved.

Giving them plastic cutlery to chop veg, spread condiments on toast and make bite-sized morsels out of larger food items can all be a brilliant diversion that will occupy their hands and minds in equal measure.

As you can see, you do not need to invest too much effort to make snack time a hoot, you just need to take the first step.