1-Year-Old Receives Lifesaving Heart Transplant Seconds After Church Stops To Pray


prayer-saved-baby-ellaIn an incredible story of divine provision, Melanie and Mike Leitner witnessed God do the impossible for their little girl Ella.

Back in November, the parents were told from doctors at the Levine Hospital that her girls’s left ventricle had a large mass in it, and that she wouldn’t last more than a week.

She was put on a donor list, and somehow she survived the next two months.

On January 29, Melanie and Mike’s pastor at Abundant Life Foursquare Church felt God tell him to stop the service and ask the entire congregation to immediately pray for little Ella.

A couple hours later, as the family was driving home from church, they received the call that would change their lives – the hospital called and told them that a tiny, perfect heart had just become available for little Ella.

The heart was immediately air-lifted to the Levine Children’s Hospital where they performed an emergency heart transplant surgery on Ella…it was a success!

Molly Grantham originally posted a brief version of the whole story on her Facebook page, which has now been shared over 200 times:

Please continue to pray for baby Ella and the Leitner family!