York County Teachers Preparing For Possible School Shooter


Armed-Teacher-SignYork County public school teachers are now preparing for the unthinkable – what would happen if a school shooting happened in their classroom?

The Charlotte Observer recently published an opinion article by Kay McSpadden, a high school English teacher in York County.

“After Columbine we started having armed intruder drills where we stopped what we were doing and locked our doors…now we routinely practice hiding during lockdown drills…during our planning period we look up information about ballistics and map out the spot in our rooms where our students are least likely to be shot…that’s what it is to be a teacher in America now.”

york county teachers trainingSchools are now implementing various new security plans including arming teachers, adding police officers and armed security guards, changing how schools are designed and adding bulletproof backpacks and whiteboards to schools.

Educators are also being taught basic strategies on how to disarm would-be shooters. They’re taught how to find the room’s “blind spot”: a place where they won’t be seen when the shooter entered the room. It’s also the best position to use the element of surprise if they needed to disarm the shooter.

What else do you think should be done to keep our kids safe?



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