What’s That Random Tower They’re Building On South Blvd?


Over the past few weeks, we’ve had a lot of our readers asking, “What’s that random tower they’re building on South Blvd?” Instead of continuing to answer everyone individually, we figured we’d just write an article about it.

Carvana is currently building Charlotte’s first ‘car vending machine’ – a unique new concept that we first reported on back in July of last year.

The new facility will stand about 71 feet tall – over 3 times taller than most buildings in the area;


Carvana is a new car dealership concept that allows customers to go through the entire buying experience at home, then choose to have their new car delivered to their front door, or pick it up from one of their unique ‘vending machines’. They boast a 7-day ‘no-questions-asked’ return policy, which basically makes up for not being able to test drive the cars.

The CEO of Carvana recently explained the entire process on Fox Business:

The company stores most of its used-auto inventory away from — but within easy delivery distance of — the densely populated areas where most customers live, very similar to how Amazon.com runs their business.

They originally expanded to Charlotte in 2014, but their new vending machine concept will be a first for our city.

Here’s what the “car vending machine” process looks like in action:

The new facility is expected to open for business this Spring.

What do you think of Carvana’s new concept?